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Specification Form for Custom Styli

At PWM "Specials Are Our Specialty." If we don't have just what you need in our extensive offering of standard styli and accessories, just fill out this form (or download a copy.), send it to us and we'll quote you a custom part built to your specifications.

Check the box for the style you need. Please submit only one stylus design per form
Standard Ball
Special standard ball stylus
Special star stylus
Special disc stylus
Portable Arm
Special portable arm stylus
Contact us for other styles
Enter Dimensions (fill out as completely as possible, not all will apply depending on style)
dk mm
(ball diameter)
ds mm
(shank diameter)
L mm
(overall length)
ML mm
(working Length)
H mm
(disc thickness)
MD mm
(arm span)
D mm
(ferrule diameter)
Thread Quantity
Ball or Disc Material Shank Material Ferrule Material
Contact Information
Phone: Fax:
Email: Requested Delivery:

Please fill out this form as completely as possible and return it to us. You can either click the submit button to email it, or print the form and fax it to (586) 759-2423. If you prefer, you can download a copy here to fill out and send to us.