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Stacking, Measuring and Holding Accessories for Gage Blocks

Gage block accessories bring gage block accuracy to inspection departments, tool rooms, machine shops or wherever fast, accurate, temporary gaging is needed.

Gage Block Holders

Gage block holders

Quick adjusting gage block holders for use with precision gage blocks are made to ensure burr free side and fixing surfaces. The rack pattern locating grooves provide rapid adjustment and prevent the gage block combination from slipping or moving once in position.

The clamping slide and gage block combination are both secured using the thumb screw located on the clamping slide.

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Part Number Measuring Range, mm Weight, kg.
PWM-GBK2101 0-50 0.2
PWM-GBK2102 0-100 0.3
PWM-GBK2103 0-200 0.4
PWM-GBK2104 0-300 0.5
PWM-GBK2105 100-200 0.4
PWM-GBK2106 100-300 0.5
PWM-GBK2116 200-400 0.6
PWM-GBK2109 300-500 0.7
PWM-GBK2117 400-600 0.8
PWM-GBK2112 500-800 1.0
PWM-GBK2113 800-1000 1.2
PWM-GBK2114 1000-1200 1.4
PWM-GBK2115 1300-1500 1.6
PWM-GBK2118 1800-2000 1.8

Measuring Jaws

Measuring jaws for gage blocks

Measuring jaws with cylindrical shoulder for inside or outside measurement.

Part Number Nominal Sizes (shoulder diameter of 1 pair of jaws) / Maximum gage depth Weight, kg.
PWM-GBK2204 4mm / 8mm 0.03
PWM-GBK2210 10mm / 15mm 0.05
PWM-GBK2216 16mm / 20mm 0.07
PWM-GBK2220 20mm / 40mm 0.10
PWM-GBK2230 30mm / 65mm 0.20
PWM-GBK2240 40mm / 95mm 0.35

Control Points

Control points

PWM-GBK2330 pair of control points for checking graduations and exact distances between points and lines.

Scriber Points

scriber points

Use with gage blocks, a holder and a base to form an accurate height gage.

Center Point

Center point

Use a PWM-GBK2321 center point, gage blocks and a holder to form a marking compass

Knife Edge Jaws

Knife edge jaws
Part Number Maximum Diameter / Overall Length Weight, kg.
PWM-GBK2310 26mm / 55 mm 0.07
PWM-GBK2311 50mm / 65mm 0.08
PWM-GBK2312 100mm / 90mm 0.18
PWM-GBK2313 200mm / 140mm 0.38

Parallel Jaws for Outside Measurements

Parallel jaws
Part Number Dimensions, HxWxL Weight/pair, kg.
PWM-GBK2301 20x9x100mm 0.18
PWM-GBK2302 20x9x125mm 0.23

Parallel Jaws for Inside or Outside Measurements

Parallel jaws for inside or outside measurmeents
Part Number Dimensions, HxWxL Weight/pair, kg.
PWM-GBK2304 20x9x100mm 0.20
PWM-GBK2305 20x9x125mm 0.24
not for measurement of internal diameters

Clamping Stand

Clamping stand for gage blocks

PWM-GBK2350, Simple and efficient handling of gage blocks that avoids hand temperature

Measuring range 0-100mm, in combination with micrometer check sets 1010M, 1010MP, 1011MA, 1011MB or 1011MC

Note:stand only, photo shows optional gage block set.


Gage block grips/pliers

PWM-GBK1907 offers convenient and easy handling of gage blocks 0.5mm and larger. Insulated against the transfer of body heat. Gripping force can be adjusted for the greater weight of large gage blocks.

Gage Block Clamps

Gage block clamps

PWM-GBK1909, clamps for gage blocks over 100mm

Universal Gage Block Holder

Universal gage block holder

Universal holder for gage block combinations over 100mm

Gage Block Accessory Set, PWM-GBK2010M

Gage block accessory set GB2010M

Gage Block Accessory Set, PWM-GBK2023M

Gage block accessory set 2023M

Gage Block Accessory Set, PWM-GBK2004M

Gage Block Accessory Set, PWM-GBK2014M

Applicable SIC Codes: 3423, 3545, 5049, 5084
Applicable NAICS Codes: 332212, 333515, 423490, 423830