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KOBA-step® and ISO 10360 Requirements

Nr. ISO 10360 Requirement Realization by KOBA-Step
1 Demand for an artifact One dimensional test standard, each gage face is arranged along the line of measurement.
2 Traceability to a national standard Can be calibrated to several national standards
3 Two or more parallel faces Large number or plane parallel gage faces along the line of measurement
4 Shortest measuring length <30mm Standard distance is 20mm
5 Measuring range about 2/3 of the volumetric diagonal Various lengths up to 2500mm
6 Uncertainty of measurement of the standard less than 20% of E Smallest possible uncertainty of measurement for calibration: U = 0.2µm + 0.5 * 10-6 * L
7 Seven positions of the standard in the measuring volume Positioning guaranteed by multipurpose accessories.
8 Minimum of five measuring lengths in every position Guaranteed by division of 20mm, even at smallest nominal length
9 Evaluation of the measuring results Simple, manual evaluation or optional software (according to VDO 2617)
10 Stability of the test standard Stable "U" shaped cross section, the line of measurement is situated on the neutral fiber of the body.
11 Coefficient of thermal expansion Coefficient of thermal expansion is known: (11.3 * 10-6 °K-1
12 Long term stability No structural changes; very high mechanical strength
13 Simple geometric probing elements Flat and parallel measuring faces along the measuring line
14 Equal distribution of the probing elements over the length Constant steps over the measuring length