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KOBA-check® Sphere Plate

KOBA-check sphere plate shown with optional probe test unit

The periodic monitoring of hand-operated or computer-controlled coordinate measuring machines is carried out on the basis of calibrated mechanical test pieces. Appropriate selection and combination of various test pieces, such as spheres, graduated gage blocks and sphere plates, and their arrangement make it possible to discover the overall measured volume or particular partial measured volumes corresponding to the typical workpiece size and adapt the test to its most important measurement job. The process control is done uniformly in accordance with the nominal data of the test piece. The numeric and graphic evaluation is carried out for each type of test piece with a uniform program and is assessed by trained personnel.

Summary characteristic values give an overview of the current level of accuracy and long-term tendencies. In this way the use of coordinate measuring instruments can be optimized and their downtime minimized without high expense.

To respond to the stiffer requirements for the testing of coordinate measuring instruments, Kolb & Baumann have expanded their supply range (including KOBA-step) by adding the KOBA-check sphere plate. This incorporates virtually all characteristics required of a test device used to monitor coordinate measuring instruments.
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Applicable SIC Codes: 3423, 3545, 5049, 5084
Applicable NAICS Codes: 332212, 333515, 423490, 423830