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About Kolb & Baumann

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Founded over 60 years ago, Kolb and Baumann began with the manufacture of gage blocks, later adding gage block accessories including their patented gage block holder.

In 1979, the Physikalish-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) accredited Kolb and Baumann as the eighth calibration laboratory in Germany. Today their accreditation for the the measurement "length" encompasses gage blocks (up to 1000mm), measuring instruments, gages and optical flats.

In 1985, Kolb and Baumann began to develop and produce calibrations masters for coordinate metrology. KOBA is the only manufacturer to offer one-, two- and three-dimensional test bodies for contact coordinate measuring instruments. The latest member of this group is the optical calibration master KOBA-optima for monitoring and traceability of photogrammetry and theodolite measuring systems.

Today, Kolb and Baumann does business world-wide in over 40 countries and is a major supplier of gage blocks and calibration masters to many national physical laboratories. Kolb and Baumann has made a tradition of supplying their customers with high quality, high value products - this tradition is also their obligation.

Quality Goals

Our customers set the standards for quality; to our customer we promise to:

How We Achieve Our Quality Goals

  1. We want satisfied customers. Our product and service compliance with the above quality promises is our primary business objective.
  2. Requests for quotes, orders and complaints are processed promptly and throroughly, promised delivery dates will be met. Our immediate attention is guaranteed when gaps between customer requirements and implementation arise. All of our employees take part in the continuous fulfillment of quotes and orders.
  3. Achieving our quality goals is an important management task. Management provides the framework for this objective by assuring employees are suitably placed and providing appropriate machines, tools, devices and test equipment. Each employee in a management position is responsible for passing information from the top, down and and from the bottom, up to contribute to the continuous improvement of internal communication.
  4. Each of our employees contributes to the achievement of our quality goals. If it is not within an employee's authority to correct a problem, he must immediately inform his supervisor.
  5. All work should be done correctly from the start; this improves quality, reduces costs and increases efficiency. Every employee - whether in engineering, sales, purchasing, work preparation, production, testing or general operations - has the responsibility to recognize and correct errors.
  6. The quality of our products depends on the quality of our purchased materials. We apply the same standards to our suppliers that our customer apply to us; our suppliers are continuously rated on and chosen for their product quality and timely delivery.
  7. Our collection of internal quality guidelines - our quality manual - contains all specifications and is implemented by our managers and employees in sales, purchasing, production, quality control, PPS, DKD.

Applicable SIC Codes: 3423, 3545, 5049, 5084
Applicable NAICS Codes: 332212, 333515, 423490, 423830