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American Modular Tooling Studio Tools

AMT Studio Tools light weight, modular armatures and tools bring new opportunities to the pre-prototype and prototype industries. Providing highly accurate work surfaces and attachment surfaces, wood, polystyrene, urethane, aluminum and other materials typically used to represent final surfaces may be applied in their raw state and machined while on armature structures.

Studio Tools exterior armature with upper Studio Tools exterior armature without upper

Come to our Warren technical center show room and see the Studio Tools on display

Studio Tools Solutions

AMT Studio Tools Offer These Advantages

Download a copy of our Studio Tools brochure - High Quality (approximately 7MB) or Web Quality (approximately 315KB).

Adjustable Mouse Kit

Adjustable AMT mouse kit for design studios

A versatile tool, perfect for the clay modeler. Our mouse kit includes a mouse point, connecting elements and two lightweight, easy to handle Hollows allowing assembly to three different lengths: 250mm, 500mm and 750mm.

Mirror Tables

Studio Tools mirror tables

Mirror Tables save time and money while offering excellent display and preview quality. Modeling table jigs are available in 1/3-, half- and full-scale model sizes for milling, scultping and display. Other sizes and scales are available.

See AMT mirror/modeling tables in action in this YouTube clip.

Modeling Tables

Modeling Table Jigs

Modeling Table Jig (shown with optional mirror). The adjustable, distortion free mirror moves away from the center line of a 1/2 scale model for easy milling and hand sculpting applications.

See more AMT modeling tables in action in this YouTube clip.

Tunnel Console Milling Jig

Tunnel Console Milling Jig

Tunnel console milling jigs pivot to 90° and 180° positions with high accuracy, extending the capabilities of your 3 axis milling system. Bars, base plates and platforms are flat, square and parallel for both positions and for locating on a plate.

Full Interior Buck

Interior Buck

Let us help you design standard armature units for cross-platform use utilizing a common practice approach, including instrument panels, seat platforms, and door trim armatures.

Exterior Armature and Milling Jig

Exterior Armature in segments Exterior Armature assembled


Since 1991 PWM has enjoyed a relationship with the automotive industry, specifically with clay design studios. Working with studio personnel and studio support shop personnel to understand past practices while concurrently developing a new process made our objectives clear:

Starting with the development of a common process spanning all platforms and vehicles, AMT Studio Tools are now in use throughout the world.

Download a copy of our Studio Tools brochure - High Quality (approximately 7MB) or Web Quality (approximately 315KB).