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AMT Fixturing Kits

AMT kit 10xxx Tool built with AMT kit 10024

AMT-10024, featured here, is a comprehensive kit configured with components and plates to hold a wide variety of parts and includes elements for adjusting to irregular surfaces. It is just one of many pre-configured fixturing kits available from American Modular Tooling.

See the contents of AMT kit 10024.
More kits are available on

AMT fixturing kits feature:

  • 7075-T6, or 6061-T6, aluminum components
  • 0.002mm (0.0008") accuracy of flat, square, parallel, hole size and hole location
  • AMT high precision components with hard coat anodized finish or black oxide where applicable.
  • Components are compatible across system sizes 25 and 40.

tool detail 1
Closeup of part fixtured with kit 10024
tool detail 2
Closeup of part fixtured with kit 10024
tool detail 3
Closeup of second part fixtured with the same kit

There are more than 25 AMT fixturing kits currently available with pricing and capabilities to meet most budgets and part types. If you don't see it, call us or one of our distributors in your area.

All AMT fixturing kits are available on
AMT-10006, 106 pieces
AMT-10007, 53 pieces
AMT-10010, 222 pieces
AMT-10011, 222 pieces
AMT-10013, 119 pieces
AMT-10015, 379 pieces
AMT-10016, 1,100 pieces
AMT-10017, 229 pieces
AMT-10019, 292 pieces
AMT-10020, 880 pieces
AMT-10021, 599 pieces
AMT-10024, 459 pieces
AMT-10026, 526 pieces
AMT-10029, 33 pieces
AMT-10030, 33 pieces
AMT-10034, 21 pieces
AMT-10101, 93 pieces
AMT-10102, 93 pieces
AMT-10115, 31 pieces
AMT-10116, 109 pieces
AMT-10121, 272 pieces
AMT-10122, 272 pieces
AMT-10125, 120 pieces
AMT-10126, 140 pieces
AMT-10127, 120 pieces
AMT-10128, 140 pieces
AMT-10160, 144 pieces
AMT-10210, 120 pieces