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American Modular Tooling: How It Works®

AMT components shown on grid top table

From the smallest to the largest, the most simple to the most complex, AMT can hold virtually any part in any position required by the job at hand. Every American Modular Tooling element is carefully designed for maximum efficiency and cross-system adaptability. Agile parts fixturing and fast development and assembly make the AMT system an ideal addition to lean, efficient methods of manufacturing.

AMT Advantages:

American Modular Tooling Component Types

Grid plates, Hollows, Special Duty components, Locating and Clamping elements, Connection elements, Tools and Storage, Fixturing Kits and Studio Tools for all types of fixturing needs (clicking any image will take you to, our on-line buying site, where you can review all types and sizes of our components):

AMT grid plates
Grid Plates
provide the basic structural foundation of almost any fixture.
AMT Hollows
Lightweight Hollows feature a channeled interior for high accuracy.
AMT Special Duty components
Special Duty Components
Supports, gussets and foot plates provide added strength.
AMT locating and clamping elements
Tops / Locators
Locating and clamping elements hold and locate parts of many shapes and sizes.
Connection elements
Connection Elements
permit rapid assembly and modification of fixtures.
Tools and storage
Tools and Storage
specifically designed for AMT.
AMT fixturing kits
Fixturing Kits
designed to accommodate all varieties of fixturing requirements.
Studio Tools
Studio Tools
Modeling tables, jigs, bucks and more for Design Studios.

How it Works®

Simplified tool building is illustrated in dozens of "How it Works" drawings found throughout the new AMT catalog.

Screw type connections
Example of a typical, simple assembly
Pre-squared blocks
Plug and lock a nub block onto an AMT Hollow, mount it in your CNC and machine. The finished part will mount directly into your tool accuractly.
AMT special duty X supports
Heavy-duty supports made of 319 cast aluminum.
  • 319, 0-T5 Sand Cast
  • KSI Tensile: 30,000 PSI
  • KSI Yield: 26,000 PSI
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Elongation Factor: 1.5%
AMT X supports provide maximum strength AMT provides exceptional structural strength

Modular Milling and Display Jig with Automatic Leveling System

Our inspired design departments latest achievement is designing and developing a complete automatic leveling system for jigs and fixtures for Prototype and Design Studios.

Shown below is an exterior substructure "armature" for prototype applications in the automotive industry. A single push button on the hand box levels the armature in seconds to high accuracy. See our new AMT catalog for details.

AMT armature in sections
AMT armature assembled cutway
AMT leveling system
The AMT Leveling System can be applied to a number of different applications (shown with optional cable reels).

This tools initial weight capacity limit is tested to 10,000lbs, but heavier load values are available.

The armatures modular construction allows for expansion in increments of 40mm in (X) fore/aft, (Y) cross car and (Z) height directions. Adjustable wheel brackets, with production hubs, rotate freely allowing the armature to roll easily on standard wheels and tires and allow finer adjustments for wheel base and tread width.
Patent pending: Modular base assembly for vehilce model making.
Patent pending: Actuator bracket for a modular base assembly for vehicle model making.
Patent No.: US 7,722,059 B1: Complete wheel bracket assembly for a modular base assembly for vehicle model making.

From the smallest to the largest, the most simple to the most complex - Be creative...think modular.